New discipline at tec5: UV-NIR spectrometer systems in hygienic design for installations in the dairy industry


Rough conditions in industrial or agricultural environments are well-known standards for tec5 spectrometer systems. For the first time an UV spectrometer system has been  successfully installed under the strict guidelines of "Hygienic Design" for the food industry.

tec5China at the CIOAE 2018 in Nanjing/China


As part of the tec5 China delegation, Steffen Piecha, Head of Sales & Marketing, represented the colours of the parent company from Oberursel at the 11th CIOAE in Nanjing, China. The "International Forum for China On-line Analytical Instrument Application Expo" is a well-known meeting point for process analytical measurement technology. more...

Newsletter Products | IIII.2018


Compact NIR Spectroscopy ++ Preamplifier DZA-G11x ++ Video CNIRS ++ Tutorial Software

Introducing Compact NIR Spectroscopy


Taking advantage of the tecSaaS® firmware technology and suitable, minaturized components like electronics and light sources, compact embedded instruments can be tailored to the environmental conditions and communication interfaces of the measurement task. Please contact us for further information:

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Bioprocess ++ Ex Zone ++ Microreactors ++ Survey

Raman Spectroscopy used in Microreactors


As a result of the raising customer requests regarding online analytics in flow tec5 and Ehrfeld started a collaboration. Therefore, Ehrfeld redesigned their optical flow through cell which can be connected to NIR and UV-VIS spectrometer and now additionally to … more

Tutorial Embedded Spectroscopy in Practice - Part 2: Color Measurement with tecSaaS® - Settings


Fast and easy color measurement operating with the tec5 Embedded Platform tecSaaS®. Part 2 of our tutorial series deals with the relevant settings of the Monitoring and Parametrization Tool [MPT]. Watch here!

Tutorial MultiSpec® Pro II Software – Part 3 Methodsteps: Storage


MultiSpec® Pro II is the new generation of our process-proven spectrometer software package with improved usability and flexible display of spectra, results and trend charts. Incorporating a modern .NET design, MultiSpec® Pro II succeeds as a reliable, modular software package for laboratory and PAT applications. A step-by-step parameterization simplifies the operation. Part 3 of our series deals with storing spectral data. Our tutorial explains whether JCAMP, ASCII or other formats are the right ones for your requirements. Watch here!

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Raman Spectroscopy ++ Embedded Spectroscopy ++ High Speed Spectroscopy ++ Levitation LIBS ++ ISO 9001:2015 Certification

tecSaaS® Embedded Spectroscopy goes MEMS


Compact industrial NIR sensors ++ The full functionality of tec5 embedded technology is now also available for the miniaturised sensors of our sister company Spectral Engines. As with all implementations of the tecSaaS® concept [tec5 Spectrometer as a Sensor], great importance was attached to industrial suitability and rapid project implementation. The MBS-CB OEM electronics can accommodate one or two MEMS sensors of the NIRONE type and is compatible with the firmware and development tools for tecSaaS®. First installations of MEMS based sensors are already taking place in the food industry.

Nynomic AG: Entry in Commercial Register completed


The Annual General Meeting on June 29, 2018 approved the renaming of m-u-t AG to Nynomic AG by a large majority. The change of name has now become legally effective with the entry in the commercial register. Welcome to our new Corporate Identity at

Levitation combined with LIBS allows to detect very low levels of contaminants in water droplets


Researchers from the Instituto de Ciencias Fisicas UNAM [Mexico-City, Mexico] have been able to identify even low concentrations of heavy metals in a levitated water droplet. Their work shows, that acoustic levitation enables reproducible LIBS analysis, in this case in the rapidly growing field of environment protection with the precise detection of contaminants in water. Read the full article …

tec5 Enables Process Monitoring with Raman in Explosive Atmospheres


In-Line – a leading German chemical company orders a Raman system for the monitoring of production in an Ex Zone. For this order tec5 developed a matched protection concept including tecRaman Hybrid Cable for the connection of process immersion probes to the Raman system.

Detailed instruction on exact calibration of ultrasonic levitators


Verification of published experiment data by others require reliable Sound pressure level measurements. Basic features of the levitator concept. Detailed instructions and theoretical basics of calibration: calibration by low frequency, axial sample resonance oscillations and Sound pressure level calibration by measuring the voltage Ue with a piezoelectric reflector-sensor.

tec5 Raman Spectrometers are now available for our customers in the USA


tec5 Raman systems are now available for our customers in the USA for industrial and process applications. The Laser source complies IEC60825-1 and now to FDA’s 21 CFR 1050 || Laser Notice No. 50 and ensures safe laser operation. Process Raman systems from tec5 provide high stability, multichannel operation for industrial spectroscopy in 24/7 applications and can be adapted to measurement requirements by a range of tecRaman and immersion probes and process communication interfaces. 

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Raman Spectroscopy ++ Embedded Spectroscopy ++ High Speed Spectroscopy

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tecRaman Probe for Ex-Environments | Process | Laboratory ++ ACHEMA 2018

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High Speed Spektroskopie ++ Ultraschall Levitator ++ Software

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Electronics for CMOS Arrays ++ Highlights Agritechnica ++ Interview NAMUR Part 2

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